Investment in Zanzibar

Why invest in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is located in east Africa, an Indian ocean archipelago that is fast becoming a magnet for investment with immense potential. Its strategic location makes Zanzibar ideal as a hub for Africa mainland and the Middle East.  Zanzibar offers several advantages that make it stand out in Africa.  

Stability and Low Risk Environment

Zanzibar is an autonomous partner in the united republic of Tanzania, which was created when Zanzibar and Tanganyika merged in 1964. The union government is responsible for foreign policy, defence, and finance while the constituent governments are responsible for everything else, thus investors in Zanzibar enjoy protection accorded by local laws backed by political stability and sustained economic growth of 55 years of independence. Zanzibar offers splendid cosmopolitan culture in the melting pot of stone town where local Africans, Arabs, Indians, Persians and Europeans melded for centuries. Intermarriages between the local bantu people and foreigners gave rise to the famous Swahili people and language.

Zanzibaris are highly aristocratic people, heart-warming, humble and hospitable, making it a pleasure for visitors to interact with them. Most visitors feel so at home they do not return home.  

Strategic location 

Zanzibar has traded with the world at large to as far as India and beyond for millennia. This was due to its strategic importance with access to vital trade routes.   The route to Yemen and the middle east lies northward; the far east and Asia lie eastward; Madagascar, Mozambique, Comoros, and south Africa lie southward, and the African mainland to the west.  Given the history of trade, the name Zanzibar has acquired an exotic and mystical value and people around the globe wish to visit Zanzibar to explore its splendid history , giving rise to the tourism industry in the early 90s.  


Economical shift

Zanzibar's economy is headed for a massive expansion with the coming on board of the oil and gas exploration sector. The discovery of offshore oil reserves will certainly create a demand for supporting services. 

Safeguarding of Investment

Zanzibar has ring-fenced investments to ensure that investments are well-protected from any foreseeable and unforeseeable obstacles that many investors face when investing abroad.  A number of measures have been put into practice to mitigate against such a downside; the current law protects foreign investments, and Zanzibar honours international Conventions. As a partner in the Constitution of Tanzania it is an active

Member of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency of the World Bank. Also, Tanzania is a signatory to the Convention of Recognition and Enforcement Arbitration Awards and a member of International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and African Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA).

Incentives for Strategic Investment

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