Zanzibar-Properties is a part of A&N Investment Co Ltd in Zanzibar, dedicated solely to serving the real estate sector.

Zanzibar-Properties and its affiliates serve a critical function for overseas buyers and investors, offering in-depth legal advice regarding the Zanzibar property market, buying procedures, and step-by-step guidance through a maze of rules and procedures for buying and/or leasing land and/or property for investment or personal use.  We provide prudent and expert advice and you will never be disappointed with us.   Vital information is available for free at download section or elsewhere on this site.


Our Mission is to help you achieve your desire to relocate or invest in Zanzibar.  


Zanzibar Properties offers consultancy service and engages in buying, selling,  renting, and managing property portfolios of our clients while safeguarding their best interests.  Our listing of properties now covers three territories: Zanzibar, Tanzania mainland and Dubai.  Our UAE associate will handle all your ground arrangements for viewing and acquiring property in Dubai. 


Zanzibar Properties has its own investment brokerage department covering Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland that offers market guidance, establishment and registration of new companies and all related follow-ups, and supervising client projects.


Zanzibar is fast becoming a popular investment destination, and we feel it is important that any prospective investor should be availed of the best advice, guidance and information to help them make an informed decision, and thereafter through the whole setup and establishment process to property acquisition to supervision and implementation of the project right up to handover.



We will handle all tedious tasks such as filling of forms, submission, document/task preparation i.e (business plan, topographic details, etc), follow-up, on your behalf in order to save you time and hassle. 


Services Offered by

1. Consultancy in all real estate areas, (land, house, hotel, commercial property, etc).

 2. Property/Land Surveying and contours

3. Investment Consultancy

4. Property Management

5. Property Valuation

6. Sales/buying Activities

7. Property Listings

8. Project supervision (construction of holiday house, resort and/or commercial buildings)  


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